Architectural Visualisation - powerful tool to model not only buildings and objects but surrounding landscape. With its help, it is possible to present a model of countryside house with inside space arrangement to a client, show day and night sight with lightening. Such project will be more pictorial and can propose a full picture of an object in existing circumstances. It provides more chances for a fast agreement with a customer.


3D technologies are actively used in the design of inner room scenery. This is an easy-to-use way to perform for the customer how the interior, in the end, will look like. Furthermore, the texture of molding, placement of furniture and devices, the formation of a colour composition will also be considered. In this fashion, the producer can make a plan of action more clearly, and will fully canvass that the customer is willing to receive.


More and more broadcasters realise advantages of the virtual studios in all types of transmission such as news analytic's children's and musical's programmes. In comparison with ordinary scenery, visual studios demand the minimum of maintenance. The same space for performance can be used for the bigger quantity of programs. Also, studio, which size is 3*3 metres, can have the sight of a big luxurious studio. Usage of developed possibilities of simulation and author's development for creation studios is widening the ages of ordinary scenery design. The only limit factor can be the imagination of the creator.

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Computer-aided technologies allowed to perform new solutions in many areas like to create architectural more detailed and qualified visualisation with the help of new technology - 3D visualisation. Return thanks to the formation of objects on the base of 3D reality, we are able to present the project in brand new and more realistic surface. Architectural 3D visualisation allows to estimate and embody extraordinary solutions, make adjustments to the project, which means to work with it in the more wide way.

Participation effect

visualisation is very photorealistic, high resolution gives texture and extent


created models can be edited that can reduce your time and money


technology allows creating not only extent but also landscape, allow to pass all the nuances of lighting and weather conditions